Anxiety or Fears

Everyone experiences anxiety at times in their lives.  It's normal to feel nervous before a job interview or taking a final exam. Anxiety isn't a problem until it gets in the way of your everyday life.

Here are some ways anxiety can manifest in people:

  • Worry becomes magnified and you have trouble tuning out the worrying voice.  
  • Activities that you once managed without thinking about beome unbearable tasks, like driving or riding on an elevator. 
  • You have panic attacks. You feel like you can't breathe, your pulse is racing, and you think something awful is going to happen.  
  • You feel anxious in a social setting, unable to make eye contact, or you feel like everyone is looking at you.
  • You may have to check things over and over, or count things repeatedly. Or perhaps you are excessively worried about germs and endlessly wash your hands. 

I can help you manage anxiety symptoms and together, we can come up self care strategies and new ways to look at your feelings.